memoirs, art and fragments by Thomas Milner

The Eye of the Needle

Imagine the headline: JESUS CHRIST OCCUPIES WALL-STREET. It would cause a bit a furore, wouldn’t it?

But is it so crazy? Only a cursory glance through the Gospels would seem to indicate that yes, if Jesus Christ were alive today, he might indeed join the Occupy Wall-Street movement.

He was a born preacher who extolled the virtues of Meekness, Kindness and Sharing with others… He preached Poverty and urged people to dump all their stuff and follow Him. He was an activist who entered the Temple of Jerusalem and violently ejected the money lenders who were doing business there … would He be on the side of the 10% who owned 90% of the wealth, I somehow doubt it!

He opines that it would be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

And when in the Book of Genesis, God ordered Man to go forth and multiply, He didn’t mean go forth and multiply thy Hedge-Funds neither did He mean go forth and multiply thy Sovereign Debt … He just meant go forth and multiply. (So we went forth and multiplied until we reached the seven billion mark).

Yes, certainly, let’s go with Jesus Christ Occupies Wall-Street.

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  1. Richard Kemble said:

    Hi Tom,
    Donna has told me about your troubles and I wish you well.
    Very weird to see you pondering whether Jesus would be pitching his tent at the Wall Street demo. These thoughts are a long way from existentialist Tom I knew at Bretton!
    The trouble with the Gospels is that they were written 30 odd years after the death of the Master by people who had never met him and who were in the business of building a Christian kingdom with Paul as the main man.
    ‘Jesus’ (Not his real name as Buddha was not his name either) was manifesting divine love so he would not be with the anarchists at Wall st. or St Pauls for that matter…although I probably should be there.
    If you are interested in gnostic views read ‘The Logia’ by Todd Ferrier. It is some book!
    I’ll leave you with this thought. If you were drawn to go and listen to a holy man in the desert (eh? Why a desert?) standing on a hill (a hill in a desert?). wouldn’t you take a packed lunch with you and plenty to drink? The gospel writers typically take an analogy (fish = mystery) and make out that ‘Jesus actually fed 5000 people with 5 (or 7 depending on which writer you read) fish. They wanted to create a miracle man not a mystic. ‘Jesus’ would not eat fish any more than I would.
    All Best wishes


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