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Archive for April 8, 2012

Got to get me Some Philosophy


On this day I’ve got to get me some philosophy, fast.

Time is running out.

Let’s not pussy-foot around with right and wrong, good and evil, let’s go straight to the nub of the question viz: is there or is there not an afterlife?

It’s quite simple really – either there is, which can be good for some of us, depending on which belief-system we either, don’t subscribe to, notionally subscribe to, conventionally subscribe to (for the sake of appearance), fully subscribe to (in the sense that it provides a moral code for our lives), or fanatically subscribe to (which is frankly a bit over the top) –  or there is not, which is bad news for yours truly (and not much cop for the rest of human race since the beginning of its time on this planet).

I have made my decision. I’m going to put my chips on YES, Now let’s roll the dice.


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