memoirs, art and fragments by Thomas Milner


On this day I’ve got to get me some philosophy, fast.

Time is running out.

Let’s not pussy-foot around with right and wrong, good and evil, let’s go straight to the nub of the question viz: is there or is there not an afterlife?

It’s quite simple really – either there is, which can be good for some of us, depending on which belief-system we either, don’t subscribe to, notionally subscribe to, conventionally subscribe to (for the sake of appearance), fully subscribe to (in the sense that it provides a moral code for our lives), or fanatically subscribe to (which is frankly a bit over the top) –  or there is not, which is bad news for yours truly (and not much cop for the rest of human race since the beginning of its time on this planet).

I have made my decision. I’m going to put my chips on YES, Now let’s roll the dice.


Comments on: "Got to get me Some Philosophy" (6)

  1. Nice stuff Tom, as always! What are you doing today? Other than considering Universal good and Universal evil! I must say I would ‘plump’ for an afterlife too…I jolly well hope so anyway….have a productive day….cheers James


  2. I’m so glad you picked YES, because I’m here to tell you you’re dead right, there is an afterlife. It’s called grass. Love your thoughts, btw!


  3. donna jones said:

    hi tom- stunning painting and yes i do believe there is an afterlife. i’ve read lots around it, of peoples’ personal experiences, including doctors etc- and also of reincarnation.
    i believe there are possibly 7 heavens that we move through in terms of spiritual development until we reach NIRVANA or its equivalent. each level has a different vibrational force which is why there are people we meet that we definitely do or do not connect with-depending on their own vibrational energy.
    i have read that at death, we have a period of rest, depending upon the type of death we experienced, that we discuss with our spirit guide our next reincarnation re learning etc and then are reborn. i read an amazing book entitled DEATH WITHOUT FEAR. it answered a lot of my doubts and queries. xdonna


    • Hi Donna, … yes my aunt had a similar theory, she believed that immediately after death one’s soul/spirit/essence or whatever sort of hovered in the vicinity for some hours/days/weeks before buzzing off to whatever came next…. love Tom


  4. ana lima Guerreiro said:

    Olá Tom,
    Bem..vida,vida após a morte ,conforme o entendimento que os n/ cerebros compreendem a “vida” não sei…mas acredito que a morte fisica é uma passagem para outra dimensão, outro estado do Ser….
    A proposito, a agua no seu estado liquido, quando evapora…deixou de ser agua?
    Quando a natureza nos desenvove o corpo de criança, crescemos , somos adultos e envelhecemos ( e nos intervalos temos saude e doença somos felizes/infelizes), ao atravessar-mos todos esses estados , tambem de morte, embora não fisica, deixamos de ser nós, na essencia???
    Finalmente, reflitamos nos opostos..noite/dia, altruismo/egoismo, feliz/infeliz, saude/doença
    morte/renascimento…nada na natureza é permanente, estatico. Encontramo-nos na roda dos estados, há quem lhe chame “a roda das encarnações”. Bjs e aproveite , enquanto não chove, o sol do seu terraço com vista para o oceano (já agora, apenas ao longe parece estatico…)


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