memoirs, art and fragments by Thomas Milner

Molyneux Bunny


About a couple of miles from my home-village of Thurlstone lies the hilly market-town of Penistone in the churchyard of which, propped up casually against  the dark stone wall of the old church is the mossy old 18th century head stone of a certain Molyneux Bunny who:

served with distinction in the wars

Of King William and Queen Anne,

And was a gentleman born.

I remember that from time I would leave the windy High Street and pop through the lych-gate into the old cemetery, hearing the rain begin to patter on the leaves of the sheltering sycamore-trees to examine it …

(Have you noticed, by the way, that these days not even nostalgia is what it used be).

Comments on: "Molyneux Bunny" (6)

  1. An intriguing post Tom,and I adore the first picture!

    And yes – about nostalgia!:)



  2. Well I don’t know about Nostalgia. You, for instance, have a masterful way of capturing nostalgia, and wistfulness. Lovely post in point… ~ Lily


  3. jamesboshell said:

    Amazing we used to holiday in Thurlestone…Small world!


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