memoirs, art and fragments by Thomas Milner

Invisible Paintings


Since last Thursday there has been a little show of my paintings up in the entrance hall.

So far, not only has no one commented on them, but I don’t believe that anyone has even noticed them, which certainly puts me in my place, doesn’t it?

I do believe that I’ve discovered the formula for producing an invisible painting.

What you do is the following:

First you contrive your life in such a way as to end up in an Old People’s Home full of nice, but culturally innocent, inmates.

Then you take a sheet specially treated A4-size gummed paper and with a pencil in your right hand (because you’re experiencing slight tremors/twitches/tremblings/spasms/shakes etc.on the right side of your body because your tumor was on the left side of your brain) and sketch vague lines and shapes in the hope that eventually they get to resemble something or other (anything will do) so that you can later impute an intention or purpose.

Next, with your paint-brush in your right hand, you apply various coloured tinctures, water colours (acrilics only to be deployed in an emergency) onto the prepared surface to see how it turns out and with any luck you’ll produce a painting.

Repeat this periodically over several months and then, and this is the tricky part, get someone to group them together and display them on a large stand in the entrance hall.

Et voilá, there you have it – invisible paintings (painted by The Incredible Shrinking Man).


Comments on: "Invisible Paintings" (7)

  1. Aw. Well sometimes people don’t take the time to comment, or you may not be the one hearing their comments. But–when your exhibition is down, you may hear, “What happened to the beautiful paintings!” They are beautiful, Thomas, and so vibrant. I especially like, in your top photo, the ones on the top right and middle left. Also, your portraits and faces are always compelling, like the woman on green in middle right–I very much like her– and the faces middle right in your bottom photo (the left face brings to mind a porcelain doll). I hope that you are otherwise having a happy week. ~ Lily


    • Thanks Lily, I’m glad you like the paintings and you know that I’m only a bit of venting/growsing. I am having a happy week because my brother and wife have come from London to pay me a visit! Tom


  2. Hi Tom… you don’t know me, but I started following your blog a few months ago after a relative of yours posted some of your stuff on her Google+ stream.

    This particular post of yours made me laugh, because I’d literally just read this post by Seth Godin:

    Take heart – your paintings ARE beautiful… 🙂



  3. ana lima Guerreiro said:

    Tenho uma teoria sobre a sua “exibição invisivel”, é assim: o Tom tem andado tão feliz e focado na vinda do seu irmão e cunhada que não vê nem ouve o que se passa à sua volta….
    Gosto particularmente das pic da 1ª serie e na 2ª , a pic do canto inferior direito
    Já agora, faça o favor de ser feliz


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