memoirs, art and fragments by Thomas Milner

I’m a grey mood today

I am in a grey mood today.

Sometimes I get into a brown study.

Usually I’m in the pink but there are times when I feel blue.

When my family goes to a Spanish island for a couple of weeks in the summer I’m green with envy.

Occasionally, when I witness something inappropriate inflicted on the old folks, I see red but I’m too yellow to do anything about it.

But when life  starts to look really black

I take comfort from the old saying:

Every cloud has a silver lining


Comments on: "I’m a grey mood today" (4)

  1. Usually it is your paintings that are so colourful; today the colours seem to have spilled into your speech. Vivid is as vivid does.
    Love the stained glass! Have you ever thought of designing fabric?
    Happy weekend! ~ Lily


    • Thanks Lily, as you correctly observe all the colour was in today instead the painting where only two colours; I’ve just discovered the effective of BACK in design/painting … what do you think? Tom


  2. You have painted with your words today Tom! I never thought of my moods in colours before – except black (depression) But it’s a good thing to follow i think so I am going to try it!! 🙂

    I really, really do love this painting 🙂



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