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Archive for May 2, 2012

rant of the day

Today I read an article in the sad apology that is our daily newspaper entitled Bad Weather Causes Chaos in Porto and was illustrated by a picture of a passer-by looking dolefully at a few pieces of rubble resting on the crushed bonnet of an otherwise undamaged parked car.

I wonder if the journalist who wrote this piece actually knows what the word Chaos really means. Let’s look it up, shall we:

CHAOS is derived from the ancient Greek (Xáoç) originally meaning (in ancient Greek cosmogony) the original dark void from which everything else appeared.

Ancient Greek Cosmonogy

I put to it to you, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, was there a black void yesterday in Porto?

Did Porto disappear into some dark hole or abyss?

Or has this journalist descended so steeply down the sodden road of linguistic collapse as to commit such an act of gross exaggeration. Therefore I urge you all to find this key-board tapping hack, this cliché merchant, guilty of Verbal Solecism and sentenced to the maximum penalty viz. to read through the whole of the epic poem the Lusiadas by Luis de Camões every day for a week with his laptop closed. Furthermore that he be required to recite the Seven Penitential Psalms each day for one calendar month.

I rest my case.

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