memoirs, art and fragments by Thomas Milner

A spark to move my heart

Catches fire

Incandescent flames burning

Flames of red liquid

Pumping central vermillion

Bloody, bold and resolute

Nerves jingling and jangling

My arrhythmic heart

Misses a beat

Galloping pulse

Stiffens, jerks and collapses.

Attack, fatal to my life’s beating core,

Is my undoing and the hard floor

Rises up to greet me with it’s

Cold unyielding embrace.


Comments on: "A spark to move my heart" (3)

  1. Oh my goodness, Thomas. Is this a true-story poem? Did you actually have a heart attack, and hit the floor? I have a heart murmur. I think that is why I walk to a the beat of a different drummer. Maybe it is a creative malady, looking on the bright side. Hope you are (now and otherwise) well. I like the poem, though it alarms me : ) ~ Lily


    • No, Lily, it was just the product of my hyper-imagination, although I do have high blood pressure and am the nervy type …
      Have a good weekend!


  2. ana lima Guerreiro said:

    Olá Tom,
    Que pensamentos hiperactivos e galopantes que o inspirou a este poema…
    Depois da “tempestade” que venha a bonança Tom.


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