memoirs, art and fragments by Thomas Milner

The sea is not calm today

The horizontal slash grey

With foreboding.

The swaying sobbing trees

The lightning flashes

The soundless arc-lights

Of distant strife.

A flock of small birds

Wheel in agitation

Against the dark sky.

A gust of wind

The hiss of rain

And the storm is upon us.

I snuggle deeper into my warm bed

And rejoice.

I am The King of the Rainy Country

Je suis comme le roi d’un pays pluvieux.

I exult that I have survived,

So far I have survived

I have survived

Comments on: "The King of the Rainy Country" (5)

  1. I love stormy skies, rain, wind. And this poem. I thought it very Romantic, the first several stanzas, while you are thinking Baudelaire.
    You will have to include this in your book of poetry, Thomas. The sky in the photo is so beautiful, too. Surviving storms does seem to confer some happiness (or is it pride, or simply relief?) and it is amazing the beauty…
    ~ Lily


  2. I was thinking of surviving Life’s storms, and Nature reflecting our feelings, but did not (cannot) imagine the utter relief of surviving multiple brain tumours… exultation seems the perfect word and rejoicing must be the emotion. You must be strong beyond belief. ~ Lily


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