memoirs, art and fragments by Thomas Milner

Extinct meat

Lunch today was roast dinosaur

Primordial chunks of meat

Inexpertly hacked from

Some monstrous haunch


I guess that such creatures

(Miniature pterodactyls)

Thought to be extinct

Are still reared for meat.


Bred in dark satanic pits

In the primitive hinterland

Of countries such as this one

And secretly distributed to

Mental asylums and

Old folks’ Homes –

Institutions with minimal

Culinary ambitions and

Undemanding palates

Blunted by age

And misuse.


Yes, I suppose that’s

The only possible explanation

For today’s lunch.

Comments on: "Extinct meat" (2)

  1. Hi Tom!

    I’m back from the depths of MS flare up aka optic neuritis, very scary and even scarier the effects of 2500 milligrams of oral steroids in five days! What a blast! Very unpleasant side effects.

    This is a terrific post! It brought a big smile to my face, though I don’t expect there was one on yours while you were trying to eat it!

    That meat is served up here too in certain institutions lol 😉

    Hope you are as well as can be. 🙂



    • Welcome back, Christine, and thanks!

      Bit of an exageration that one actually, bit of a flight of fancy; to tell you the truth I’ve got used to the food here and at least it’s a healthy wholesome diet now unlike when I first came here all those years ago.

      Hope you have more energy now; all the best, Tom.


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