memoirs, art and fragments by Thomas Milner

Extraction at dawn

Now listen up Mister

Bad news

We’re going to have to send in

Another extraction team

Midwinter spring

Early at dawn

We land on the beach

Two teams

One to crack open the cliff

And the other

Search & destroy squad

Enter and locate and extract

That goddam cell

Any questions Mister?

Sir, no Sir

Are we reading from the same page Mister?

Sir, yes Sir.

Comments on: "Extraction at dawn" (4)

  1. I hope this is not a new operation, Tom, but I like the battle poem and the artwork, both. Your talent marches on. Thank you for sharing. ~ Lily


    • Thanks Lily, but unfortunately it is notice of further brain surgery (probably in January).
      I was a little crestfallen on the drive back from the hospital yesterday morning but seamlessly absorbed the bad news into my philosophy, had lunch and came upstairs and tapped out the little thing, posted it & and felt a bit better.



  2. Thomas, I am sorry to hear that you are having another surgery and I wish I could take away the waiting, but if the surgery makes you better and stronger (maybe not bionic, but Well!) then a necessary thing I suppose. Clearly your brain is strong enough to take it; look at you–you “tapped out the little thing”! Sheesh, such talent. My brain should be so lucky to “tap out” such a thing even after much contemplation. Thinking of you ~ Lily


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