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Maybe I shouldn’t have read this book.

The thing is, I’m already feeling a bit down.  I avoid my own eyes in the mirror (in fact, I’m thinking of having them – the mirrors that is, not the eyes – blacked over like some character in an Edgar Allen Poe story).  I’m tired.  My life at the moment is encapsulated by that Green Day song, Twenty One Guns.  And here it is.

But, in defiance of my mood, I DID read it.  The book – that is.  The Waiting Room, by Thomas Milner, aka Notes from the Waiting Room at wordpress.  If you’re reading this, Thomas, don’t think I didn’t like your book.  I loved it.  Your writing has depth, originality and considerable style.  The subject is one that we all think about, if we’re the kind of person who thinks about stuff – getting old.

Or perhaps, more…

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