memoirs, art and fragments by Thomas Milner

Karma and painting

How to restore order out of mental chaos and paint a meaningless picture at the same time.

I have a theory that painting symmetrical shapes randomly is both soothing and therapeutic.

First you take a piece of gummed A3 paper and a pencil and then (staying firmly inside your comfort-zone) you play around for about an hour and come up with this:


The next day you start to colour it in. you are unsure about the colours but are vaguely thinking yellow and green. You use a water-colour wash and by the end of the hour your uncertainty is showing.


On the following day you decide to deploy the acrilics.



And finally after doing the fine brush work and just generally fiddling around with it and tidying it up you consciously decide to stop before you spoil it any further.

You sign it and then pause to give it a name – Asymmetry.


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  2. Oohhh… I love that one Tom : )
    xxx Jo


  3. Hmmm. Maybe I need more symmetry in my painting for a more soothing effect. I love your colours; they seem more lively than soothing, but then, vibrant and lively is the way to be so what can be more soothing than that affirmation? (Please pardon my debates with myself, but I know that when I come here my mind will find some challenges, which I love.) ~ Lily


  4. I love painting (if I didn’t I’d stop immediately) but I rarely forget that it’s just therapy (the ultimate disclaimer) likewise the blogging …. I’m being operated (for the 4th time in 8 years) to remove a benign brain tumour (meningioma) in Jan/Feb but I’ve just (had) planted ten miniature daffodil-bulbs on my terrace which should grow in the Spring … actually (and I can’t resist mentioning this) these little flowers were cultivated by my great great great uncle and bear his name W.P. MILNER; how cool is that! Tom


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