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Archive for October 24, 2012

Martian meteorite (pops out for some milk)

You certainly took your time getting here.

Did you change at Clapham Junction?

Did you fail to get off at Kings Cross?

Or did you take the scenic route 

Stopping to admire the way

The sun gilds Saturn’s rings

With a chilly burnished glint.

Did you perhaps join the belt

For a few centuries?

(Did you remember the milk?)


There are still gaps in your story

The odd thousands of years

Unaccounted for.

Were you befuddled by solar gas

Or did you take time out

On some dark drifting orb

To ponder on the purpose

Of such a long voyage

Orbiting the question

Spinning like a coin

Pour la gorge


Did you have a crisis of Faith?

A cold realisation that the belief

You once held was a lie

When did you opt to drop the pilot

Splitting away from the main body

And decide to your own way

With no direction home?


And what were your impressions

When you finally felt the acceleratory

Tug of our gravity

And slammed,

A flaming fireball

Into our stratosphere

And fell,

An alien rock,

Onto our desert?


And above all what took you so long?

What time do you call this?

You’ve been gone for 700,000 years

For God’s sake;

Too many cosmic rays

I’ll be bound;

You even hit the wrong planet

Shame on you.

(And you forgot the milk).

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