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The longest room in England

The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.

Winston Churchill


Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire, birth place of Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill.

Just look at the size of that place, will you!

The story is that Churchill’s Mother, Lady Randolph Churchill, was at the end of what was then the longest gallery in England when her labour pains began, started to hurry down (the longest room in England), got to about half way and had to pop into one of numerous rooms off (the longest corridor in England) in order to give birth to Winston Churchill.

I would take the views on democracy of a man,

Who was born in a small room

Off the longest gallery in England,

With extreme caution,

If I were you.


I awake at tap on door

From an unfinished dream

already half forgotten

I reach back down

To clutch at the vestiges

Flailing after its tail

The beautiful symmetry

The perfect logic

The engagement

So good

Oh so right

Dreamworld in the

Subterranean labyrinth

Of my subconscious

The evanescence

Of my now totally

Forgotten dream

I’m left with a fleeting

Taste of regret


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