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The end of the world


21. 12. 2012

For all seven billion plus of us

It’s a win-win situation


A win because the magic number

Zero, three ones and four twos

Is predicated on an erroneous

Dating system

The Christian calendar.

(They made a mistake)


And also a win because I have

 Something to say to all

The faithful and the faithless

The hopeful and the hopeless

Old and young and in between

Rich and poor and in between

Black and white and in between

Good and bad and in between


we who dwell in the slums of

Great cities

Green mansions

Country pastures

Wet Forests

Dry bush

Frozen tundra

Searing deserts

Flooded deltas

And the islands

 Those thousand islands

This quote is for all of us:


This is how the world ends

This is how the world ends

This is how the world ends

Not with a bang but with a whimper

T. S. Eliot – «The Hollow Men»

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