memoirs, art and fragments by Thomas Milner

A catholic boyhood

A catholic boyhood.

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  1. jamesboshell said:

    Oh such profound words written some two years ago in May! I would have been on that same Cricket Field, education had I no interest whatsoever, Captain of the College Rugby XV, Vice Captain of the Cricket XI, [Michael Stone was ‘The’ Captain], the world owed me nothing! Oh that I had worked that much more diligently, oh that that pervert Mick Garvey had allowed me to enter Rhetoric [the Sixth] doing the Sciences….alas, here we stand in 2014, 48 long years ago…and you Tom in a Nursing Home in Porto and I’m living in Cape Town as an engineer in fluid power…a torrent of water having flown under that proverbial bridge…..could we have foreseen the future…? I think not….and yet we communicate through the ether…how bloody marvelous is that…how are you old chum?


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