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Just Browsing!

When a shop opened in the little cobbled center of Cascais called «Just Browsing» I was delighted. During my first year in Portugal I’d had a few problems in shops owing to my ignorance of the Port…

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Y WORRY (Be happy)

About one hundred years ago I lived for a few years on the Estoril coast near Lisbon. I shared the upper floor of an attractive house in Estoril in one of those leafy streets just behind the Casino…

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Aunt Rachel

My memories of our aunt Rachel are somewhat blurred by time; but her spirit, her spirit lives on in me. My brother Jim, who still lives in Thurlstone, was closer to her and I couldn’t do better tha…

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The Bird of Dawning

I’m a re-reader of books. One of my favourites is The Bird of Dawning by John Masefield. It’s a yarn of the sea about the famous tea-clippers towards the end of the 19th century at the time of thei…

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The Angel of Death

… We got as far south as Ouargla that day, a white shimmering vision rising out of sand. The sky was an impossible blue but the south-east wind was oppressive, a precursor to a sirocco? I wan…

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A damsel with a dulcimer in a vision once I saw

I quickly discovered, as a new father all those years ago, the solution to the thorny problem of reading-matter for Baby’s bedtime story. With Thomas the Tank Engine Baby would have to stay alert a…

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It Beggars Belief

A bowl of soup, a glass of wine And thou beside me, Ranting in the wilderness. All the teachings of the Inspired Scriptures Are dwarfed by the immensity Of the star-crossed cosmos. Pascal’s wager n…

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