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Life among the Italians

During my third contract in the Sahara in the autumn of 1979 I stayed for about 3 months on an Italian Pipe line (IPL) camp in the oil-fields of the eastern part of the desert. It is one of my life…

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IRONY is bit like a delicious local wine: it doesn’t travel well. Ever tried translating do turkeys get nervous in November into any foreign language? Don’t. No, IRONY should take its summer holida…

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The Water Hole

One morning, just to vary things, I suggested that that the three of us go out to the centre of the compound in the full sun with our French-Impressionist straw-hats that the camp-boss had bought f…

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Hiroshima, Mon Amour

The painter Tanaka stood back and studied his work. He was quite satisfied. The painting encapsulated all the delicacy and grace of Japanese art. The composition was perfectly balanced with the jux…

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When I was eleven

Last year, I came across an old sketch-book of mine from when I was eleven-years-old. It seems that I was preoccupied with the following: Medieval Knights, Famous Sailing Ships, The Royal Navy, And…

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Imelda baby

One my musical heroes, Mark Knopfler, once wrote a song based on Imelda, wife of the ex-President of The Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos and her predilection for buying shoes – she had over 2,…

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Some little stories rise up by chance and demand to be told, however ineptly.  Here is a rather fascinating medical case which was recently recounted to me by my elder son. One day last year an eld…

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