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The Silent Ones

The time has come to consider the sometimes anonymous inmates of the Home. The patients that we never see, because they are bed-ridden, isolated & never quit their rooms. They are the silent on…

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Martian meteorite (pops out for some milk)

You certainly took your time getting here. Did you change at Clapham Junction? Did you fail to get off at Kings Cross? Or did you take the scenic route  Stopping to admire the way The sun gilds Sat…

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Who the heck was Zeno when he was at home?

Who the heck was Zeno when he was at home? All I know for sure is that he was the ancient Greek philosopher who was famous for his paradoxes and that his very name is redolent of an esoteric and al…

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Napoleonic Palindrome

Able was I, ere I saw Elba A palindrome is a sentence or phrase that reads the same backwards as forward; other favourites of mine include: Madam, in Eden I’m Adam Do geese see God? Dogma: I am God…

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It Beggars Belief

A bowl of soup, a glass of wine And thou beside me, Ranting in the wilderness. All the teachings of the Inspired Scriptures Are dwarfed by the immensity Of the star-crossed cosmos. Pascal’s wager n…

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Message in a bottle

Candy shoes Running down the stairs To greet the morning glory Cherries are in season. An old romance Flickers in my memory As I sit at my table Waiting for the next course. My eyes wearily sweep t…

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He likes his desk

He likes his desk it is an essentially functional unobtrusive piece of furniture its quiddity is obvious and reassuring it is something to lean on indeed he never actually looks at it only feels it…

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